Commercial Remodeling , Office and Lobby Remodeling

Commercial  Construction Metro Atlanta. Fleming & Associates Inc. provides all construction remodels throughout the state of Georgia from Offices to Lobbies to any business workspace. Working with an Interior Designer and Architect to redesign the space to provide a pleasant experience for your customers. Working with professionals to provide the best customer experience, we handle all the construction needs from planning to the last details that complete your remodeling project. Some times all it takes is just to re- carpet and paint to change how customers view your business. Fleming & Associates Inc., is a state licensed General Contractor who provides these services. From major remodels to small repairs for your commercial space, we will take pride in knowing you’ve chosen Fleming & Associates Inc. for all construction services. Contacts us at 404-490-0455 or visit our website and send us an request for a estimate.




Lobby Remodel Medical Ofice 2


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