Restaurant Renovations, Restaurant Remodeling

Has it been a while since you have updated your restaurant? By having a newly updated restaurant, that is inviting and people want to come into, can help increase your business profits . Do you know what permits are required to be pulled to do this renovation or remodel? Whether it is painting, updating the bathrooms, updating the seating area or doing a complete remodel or renovation project, permits  may  need to be pulled to ensure that your remodel or renovation project is performed to code so that you do not face fines, or take a chance on having an insurance claim being denied. Fleming and Associates, Inc., is a State of Georgia Licensed General Contractor and has been in business since 1998 and can take care of your restaurant renovation or remodeling project. Contact Fleming and Associates, Inc., today for a quote on your restaurant remodel or renovation at 404-490-0455 or visit them at


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