Retail Space Permitting, Permitting Finishing Tenant Space

As a property manger, or leasing agent, do you know who is really doing  improvement’s to the space you manage? Just signing a contract with the tenant and letting them handle there own construction can lead to larger headache’s for you and the tenant or a future tenant, or even the property owner that your company represents. A contractor providing services without  proper permits and not completing  construction by local codes can cost thousands or even keep a tenant from receiving their business license which can cause a great deal of lost profit. Most property managers and leasing agents do not understand  local building codes requirements and that’s probably one of  best reasons to hire a Licensed Contractor to provide theses services. Not only will they be required to follow codes, but they are required to carry proper insurance to protect the property owner or tenant should some type of mishap happen during construction or even after the completion of a project.    If someone should get hurt during the construction project, or if the job is not completed correctly, a contractor  carrying workman comp and  general liability policies  would  protect property owners and tenants best interest .  Hiring Fleming & Associates Inc. to complete  your next tenant job will give you peace of mind knowing a professional is on the job . Contact us at 770-456-1250 or visit us a and request a estimate.


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