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Commercial Space Permitting, Who Really Saves

You, a business owner, should ask your self who saves when my contractor doesn’t permit my construction project? Many construction projects go on in Metro Atlanta unpermitted. But you, as a business owner, should know that you’re not saving by hiring a contactor that does not permit your projects. In fact, it could cost you more, you may not be able to…read more →

Retail Space Contractor Atlanta ,Contractor Retail Marietta , Tenant Build Out

Whether its a Tenants Build Out or Retail Remodel having Fleming and Associates Inc. on the job means the job will be done on time and with complete professionalism. Meeting our customers exceptions is our  goal and providing quality service each and every time. Without our satisfied customers and their referrals our business would not continue to grow.  We appreciate each and every customer and…read more →

Cobb Commercial Contractor , General Contractor, Tenant Build Outs, Required Permitting for Tenants,Occupancy Permit

Fleming & Associates Inc., a State of Georgia Licensed Commercial Contractor, providing services in and around Metro Atlanta. Turn key results with handling your construction project needs. We can help provide references for architectural and engineering design for plans or drawings. All counties in metro Atlanta require permitting for tenant build outs and remodeling, don’t let your contractor tell you…read more →

Tenant Build Out, Tenant Improvements

Making commercial space work for your business can be a major undertaking. Choosing the right contractor for your improvements can make the difference in the way your space will be used and viewed by your customers. Taking the time to make all the right decisions in the planning of the space can make your commercial space more profitable for your…read more →

General Contractor working with Architects,Tenant Build Out

Most all counties in metro Atlanta will require a set of detailed drawings from a Licensed Architect for a General Contractor to provide a tenant build out. These plans must be approved by the county building department and the local fire marshal before any construction can begin. Once the contractor begins construction there are typically several inspections require during the…read more →